Pen Shows and Giveaways

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If you already attend pen shows, here's all you need to know: Every pen show we attend we do a pen giveaway. We set aside a pen before the start of the show, and every pen you purchase from us at the pen show is an entry to win that pen. Buy more pens, get more entries. So you definitely want to stop by our table if you see u at a pen show. 

Don't already attend pen shows? Did you even know pen shows are a thing? They are, pen collecting is an intense hobby. I recently heard someone describe the people at pen shows like this "We're strange, but we're friendly." and I think that sums pen shows and collecting up pretty well. It's mostly fountain pens, but the ballpoint or rollerball fan will find pens and accessories for themselves as well. Browse ink, notebooks and stationary, hand-made pens, vintage pens, and more, take writing classes, talk pens, paper, writing and art with like minded people. Look up the closest pen show to you and check it out! If you're in our area, the Detroit Pen Show is usually in October in Southfield, MI. 

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