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Many of our customers are first time fountain pen users, and we want to make welcoming you to the world of fountain pens as easy as possible! 

There is a small business called Goulet Pen Company that has many great YouTube videos and other resources on their website that may help you. Check out How to Clean a Fountain Pen: Cartridge/Converter, and Filling A Pen With A Converter- GPC Quick Tips

Some other information that may be helpful to you: 

- Don't let your fountain pen dry up. Once you put ink in the pen, don't put it on a shelf for months and expect to come back to it writing perfectly. You don't have to write with it everyday, but be sure you get the ink flowing through fairly often. I personally aim to write with an inked pen once a week at least, but have gone longer than that. The ink inside can make a difference as to how easily is will dry up. 

The paper and ink used will make a difference in how your pen write. I'm believe Goulet Pen Company also has some videos that will explain this better than I can. But even the best pen in the world won't write as smooth if you have bad ink and bad paper. Printer paper is not ideal for fountain pens. You don't HAVE to use super expensive paper, personally I have used composition note books from the $1 store and had no issues. Better paper will make for an even more enjoyable experience, but is not necessary. If you tested a fountain pen at our booth/table, you most likely used a medium point nib with Anderillium Ink on Rhodia paper. We sell Anderillium Ink, and there are many retailers who sell Rhodia paper such as Goulet Pen Company and Lemur Ink. You can also find many other ink brands to try on those websites. 

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