Punch Cards

Loyalty punch cards are here! 

How does it work? Every $25 you spend with us per purchase (excluding tax and shipping) you'll get a custom Lincoln's Leather sticker for your punch card. 10 punches and you'll get a $25 store credit for your next purchase. That's every $25 spent, not every purchase over $25. If you buy a $75 pen, you'll get three stickers! A $135 purchase will get you 5 stickers, the additional $10 value will be lost. 

How to redeem? 

In-person: Show us your completed punch card (you can combine cards, as long as you have a total of 10 punches) and well take $25 off your purchase. We will take the card from you at this time.

Online: Send us a picture of your completed card and we will send you one-time use coupon code. To avoid the same card being used twice we will ask you to write the date on the card so it can be seen clearly in the picture. Please be sure to send in your proof of completed card within 7 days of the date you write on the card, to avoid making it invalid. You do not have to redeem your coupon code within 7 days.  


You must use your enter $25 credit at once, or lose the remainder. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have no reasonable way to track remainders and keep a smooth process for us and our customers.  

Punch cards are only valid when directly purchasing from Lincoln's Leathers, you will not receive credit or be able to redeem store credit from one of our retailers. 

Credit cannot be applied to current purchase, even if card is filled within that purchase. Example: If you have 9 stickers, and spend $50, you would earn 2 more stickers. You can redeem your now full card on your next purchase, and you'll have another sticker towards a new card. 

Credit does not apply to shipping or tax costs in any way. 

If you make a purchase and don't receive a sticker/punch, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid complications with getting the situation resolved. 

We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time.