About Us

About Our Products: 

– This father-daughter run business only uses genuine leather that we have inspected for quality before the project begins. Quality control is important to us, and is carefully monitored every step of the way. From buying the leather to the time the product is finished, we don’t cut corners. We take pride in hand-making our products. Even for the products we do use machines for, there is still plenty of hands-on work done to the piece, even during the machine aided steps. 

How Lincoln’s Leathers Got It’s Start:

– In 2016, a few products displayed on a friends table at a local small business showcase (All Things Detroit) was enough to get noticed by a marketplace director for Faster Horses. That’s all it took to turn this hobby into a side business. 

– For a couple years, Jon ran Lincoln’s Leathers with a helping hand from his kids. In 2019, daughter Mackenzie joined the company full time to follow her passion and dream of owning a small business. 

– Neither of us ever thought of ourselves as artists, or even a person with any artistic abilities. This business has awakened the artist in both of us, and we take pride in every piece. We uphold the famous Bob Ross phrase “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents”. Our entire company was a “happy accident”.  

– Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way, and to anyone who will in the future.