Steampump Ballpoint Pens

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This is one of our most popular pens. Leather steampunk pen, need I say more? But here's the coolest part, its both a click mechanism and lever action ink deployment style. The mechanism to deploy the ink is a water pump. You can click from the top, or pull the lever.

All of our pens are made with stacked leather, turned on a lathe. Each pen is hand-made and one-of-a-kind. If you see a pen you love, don’t let it get away from you, we don’t offer custom pens/offer to try to duplicate a pen we’ve already made. Also, remember to check back from time to time for new styles or different color options for pen styles you've already seen. 

This is one can be refilled with Parker ink cartridges. Twist of the tip of the pen to remove and replace the ink cartridge. With Parker style ink cartridges, you will have plenty of options for ink or gel, blue or black ink, different point sizes. These can be found at the office supply store or on our website here. Important info about this pen: the ink cartridge has a small white piece on the end of it, YOU MUST REMOVE THIS PART AND PLACE IT ON NEW INK CARTRIDGES WHEN REPLACING INK. The pen won’t function properly without it and we can’t send you a replacement piece of you lose it.