Small Valet / Ink Tray

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These types of trays are most commonly called valet trays (I like the term “trinket tray”), and are used as a catch all at the end of the day. Place it on your dresser or nightstand and put your jewelry, pocket change, or whatever other small stuff you don’t want to lose in the tray and it’s easy to find the next morning. Many people also use them as dice trays. 

We like to use them as ink trays. When filling your converter for your fountain pen, place the ink bottle inside the tray rather that on your table or desk. This way if you have a spill you stain the leather instead. Over time the tray will be stained with all your favorite inks and your table won’t be! 

We make these in many different color combinations and don’t have any set colors we keep in stock. Our goal is to use up small pieces of leather that would otherwise not have much of a purpose to avoid wasting it. You are welcome to put in your order notes any color requests but please be aware that you will not be guaranteed any specific colors as it’s all a matter of what we have in stock at the time.