Sea Turtle Rollerball Pens (Fountain Pen Convertible)

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Not only does this pen have 2 turtles on the clip but a beautiful blue orb at the top of the cap tying the whole look together.

All of our pens are made with stacked leather, turned on a lathe. Each pen is hand-made and one-of-a-kind. If you see a pen you love, don’t let it get away from you, we don’t offer custom pens/offer to try to duplicate a pen we’ve already made. Also, remember to check back from time to time for new styles or different color options for pen styles you've already seen. 

Rollerball ink refills can be found at the office supply store, or on our website here. These pens can also take Pilot G2 refills. 

For an additional charge, you have the option to purchase a fountain pen conversion kit for this pen.  These are offered on our website, just be sure to check that you are ordering the color that matches the pen you order. To switch to fountain pen, unscrew the rollerball tip from the pen and screw the fountain pen conversion kit onto the pen. This is a great option for those looking to try a fountain pen, but don't want to put a lot of money into a nice fountain pen if you are unsure if you will like it. If you purchase this pen and a conversion kit, and decide you don't like the FP, you will still have a nice rollerball pen. These can be found here.