RB to FP Conversion Kit (Skull Pirate, Commander, Shuttle, Owl, and Voyager)

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Some of our rollerball pens can be switched to a fountain pen with these parts. This is a great option for anyone who is curious about fountain pens but is hesitant to buy a fountain pen if your not sure you will like it. For this small added cost, you will have the option to switch between a fountain pen and a rollerball, so if you decide that fountain pens aren’t for you, you’re not out much money and you still have a nice rollerball pen! 

This kit does not include a Bock nib like most of our fountain pens, but I assure you the nibs write beautifully! 

Be sure to double check you are selecting the correct conversion kit. Double check the style of pen and the metal color. This kit is for our Skull Pirate, Commander, Shuttle, Owl, and Voyager rollerball pens. 


These are not a Lincoln's Leathers made product, but an optional accessory offered for our products.