Glock 42/43 In&Out Holster

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All of our holsters are hand-molded, custom fit to each model of gun. This ensures an almost Kydex like retention, but with the comfort of a 100% leather holster. In addition to the comfort, our leather holsters offer better protection against scratches on your weapon than Kydex. 

The difference between our Belt Slide model vs our In&Out model is:

Belt Slide is an outside the waistband only holster, while the In&Out model is convertible between inside the waistband to outside the waistband. The clips on the In&Out model are reversible, simply unscrew and swap all hardware to the other side. 

**Pictures shown may not be a holster for the exact model you select, pictures are used to show color options and general shape**


Comfort is our #1 complement from our customers. 

For any holster not in stock, most holster get made and shipped out within 2-4 weeks, but times vary based on our availability.  For more options not listed online (i.e. lights or lasers) contact us for more info.