Color Splatter Composition Size Journals

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With our refillable leather journals, you can easily replace the paper with an inexpensive notebook so you can keep writing in style without breaking the bank. Of course, if you prefer higher quality paper than your average composition notebook offers, you can replace the notebook with a Rhodia or art grade paper as well. Use your choice of 9.75” x 7.5”, 100 sheet notebook. **spiral bound books may not fit, depending on thickness of the book** 

About the color: 

We are artist, and the way we make these journals more creative is using different leather colors or patterns for the inside panels and pen holder than what’s seen on the outside. All options of what color the inside panels can be are not pictured, you will have a surprise as to what color the inside panels are. 
This leather is bought as a pre-colored hide. The splatter pattern will vary from one journal to another. Some journals may have much more of one color or another. By ordering, you agree to accept whatever splatter pattern you get, no returns because “but I wanted one with more blue splatter and the one I got has more red.”